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Y Frame





Short wheelbase above seat steering.

This configuration of recumbent bicycle performs much like the conventional bicycle making it easy for the new rider to get used to. The small turning radius enables a quick U turn on a sidestreet. The higher seat position allows better visibility for both rider approaching traffic.

Seat Positioned by Frame Design

This is perhaps the most unique feature of this bike since the seat is positioned on the frame itself no extra framing is required. By fixing the seat position the center of gravity remains the same for all riders. The center of gravity relates to control of the bike and braking efficiency. Therefore if the center of gravity remains constant for all riders they will all have the optimum experience regarding control and safety.

Seat Suspended Not Frame

Seat suspension on a recumbent makes a lot of sense. On a recumbent the up and down motion of the suspension is 90 degrees to the pedaling action therefore normal pedaling does not activate the suspension as it would on a conventional bike. A ridged frame is always best for optimum power delivery. Also when carrying loads on the bike the suspension is not overloaded by the payload.

Infinitely Adjustable Crank and Handlebar Position

The Y Frame enables infinite tilt and height of the handlebars. The X seam (leg length) is infinitely adjustable as well hence the development of a simple take up system  ( Wazadrive.)  The Wazadrive has three functions.

- Allows quick easy infinite adjustments to the bottom bracket for desired X seam.

- to act as a chain tensioner between gear changes. This funtion comes into play when bike is equiped with an internaly geared hub.

- and to facilitate gear changes between the front chainrings.

Full Range Gearing 22” to 96”

A broad range 24 speed derailer system is avialable on the basic 2005 model. As an option 21 speeds are available by combining the Nexus 7 speed internal hub with a triple front chainring. This setup provides you with the low gears of a mountain bike combined with the high gear range of a road bike. This broad range of gears is perfect for a recumbent. The nexus hub allows gear changes at any time. (convenient if one is stopped at a traffic light.) As does the Wazadrive,  because front gear changes are initiated by backpedaling about 1/2 a turn.

Standard Sized Rims

The rims used on the Y Frame allow use of tires and tubes that are available almost everywhere. The 2005 model has vertical dropouts with a derailer boss. you can easily switch wheels for various conditions or whenever the good wheel is in the shop.

Reasonable Cost

Achieved by simplicity of design and you buy directly from manufacturer. We want to provide a unique quality machine at a obtainable cost


-Quick Mount fenders -Normal rear carrier mounts are provided on the 2005 model. -The nexus 7 or 8 speed is optional at an additional cost for the 2005 model. Of course this depends on avialabitity


This bike has been tested since early March 2004 and has found it to exceed all expectations for speed and practicality. The ride takes only a few minutes to master then you can concentrate on speed. Comfort is astounding as the seat cradles you in the pedaling position with no aches or pains from long distances. The seat suspension provides more than adequate relief from road irregularities.

Note:  The bike pictured is a test model.
The production model is improved in all aspects.

I am now taking orders for the Y-Frame.

A completely outfitted Wazabike Y-frame
-$1299.99 CDN. Funds
plus applicable taxes and shipping costs.

A Wazabike Y-Frame kit
-$699.99 CDN. Funds
plus applicable taxes and shipping costs.

Includes:  Y-Frame, steering riser and forks, seat, wazadrive, intermediate rollers, plus hardware.


Rob Wazny

905 547 8179

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