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Wazabike 2005 Y-Frame now available.
You just have to check this out.
Click on picture of 2004 prototype below for more info.


Trike at Toronto waterfront.


Practical transportation for the future, today.

Thanks for visiting wazabike. Robert Wazny is the founder and your contact at Wazabike. We have built a company based on the need for safe environmental affordable transportation. We will start with the recumbent bicycle. It is already an improvement on the most efficient machine man has ever created, the bicycle. In spring of 2004 we launched an all new model of recumbent bike. The wazabike Y frame pictured above. Following models will have options of electric assist from regenerative sources as well as other forms of regenerative energy put to use in driving the vehicle. May we direct you to the question page as we are presently gathering information. This information will help us to satisfy your needs now and in the future.


In the late 80s Rob was working on some new drive train ideas when he encountered the recumbent bicycle while visiting the Toronto Bicycle Show. This made a lasting impression with Rob. Recumbent bikes have proved to be faster therefore they can be more efficient than conventional bikes. Bents as they are called have a more aerodynamic profile, bents don't waste energy through the upper body, and bents may make more use of the leg muscles than do conventional bikes. They are obviously more comfortable, with a recumbent you can say goodbye to back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, saddle sores, and most importantly genital numbness which by itself has developed a great deal of attention lately. In our opinion the recumbent bike is also very cool and many people will tell you so as you ride along. Many people say bents are to low to the ground when in fact your head height on a recumbent is about the same as your butt height on a conventional bike. What first impression would you like to make on the car drivers behind you. Car drivers usually give you more room just because the bike looks different. The recumbent seating position allows you to properly see in front of you without straining your neck just like in a car. We believe recumbents are the future of bicycle design. Naturally this is the type of bike to showcase new drive designs.


Much research and development will go into NEW drive designs for future models. As you will see, these new drive designs will improve overall performance of the future models as well as make a more dependable machine. Our determination in this area will prove to be very interesting to anyone interested in human power. The contemporary power train has proved to very efficient over the past 100 plus years. It will not be easy to develop something better. What we have in mind is to produce a concept drive that can go beyond the limitations of human power by adding other forms of regenerative energy into the propulsion of the vehicle. It will take time for this concept drive to be developed so you must be patient. In the meantime we will still produce recumbent bikes with conventional drives. Well almost, you may see some very innovative twists on drive systems put to use on the first few Wazabike models. For instance you may see some linear drives.


Our frame design is based on sound knowledge gained from several prototypes. A certain design criteria has been developed from these prototypes. We believe the safety of the rider is paramount. That is why we will design the frames with reinforcement to make them stronger than they need to be but still maintain minimum weight. We have found that the center of gravity is very important to the overall performance of a recumbent. This relates to stopping safely, accelerating with maximum efficiency, hill climbing and descending safely, and maximum control of the vehicle.


We are in the business of providing people with practical transportation as the need for alternative vehicles increases. We are dedicated to developing truly environmental vehicles. To keep people enjoying the bike through recreation, commuting, racing, errands, shopping, touring, and riding with their friends.
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